Pakistan a land of vast opportunities & is becoming a hub for global investment. With new projects underway, Pakistan is set to become the hub of international supply routes to China and Central Asian countries leading to Russia. China Pak Economic Corridor is an example of why the economy of Pakistan is on the takeoff route.  

Economy of Pakistan has continued the growth momentum as the GDP growth reached to 5.28 percent in 2016-17 which is the highest in 10 years, on the back of rebound growth in agriculture which registered a growth of 3.46 percent against the growth of 0.27 percent last year, claimed economy survey of Pakistan for 2016-17.

Per Capita Income in dollar terms has witnessed a growth of 6.4 percent in FY 2017 as compared to 1.1 percent last year. The per capita income in dollar terms has increased from $ 1,531 in FY 2016 to $ 1,629 in FY 2017. Main contributing factors for the rise in per capita income are higher real GDP, growth, low population growth and stability of Pak Rupee.

Some Attributes of investing in the country:




-         Fastest Growing middle class in South Asia

-         Consumer Nation


-         All economic sectors are open for Foreign Direct Investment

-         Foreign Investment is fully protected through acts

-         Ease of doing business

-         Special Economic Zones

-         Road Infrastructure

-         Intense investments in energy sector.


-         10TH largest sector in terms of labor force

-         Skilled Manpower availability

-         English Speaking work force


-         It is considered a hub, close to markets of South East and also Europe, it will be the gate way to many destinations. 


Industries and organizatiosn involved


Sectors Involved:

-         Construction

-         Automotive

-         IT

-         Chemical

-         Energy

-         Construction

-         Government


The above will be represented by:

-         i.e. BOi, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Science & Technology, Planning Commission etc.

-         Sectors & Suppliers

-         Renowned Technocrats for Speakers

-         Seminar on Investment in different Engineering Sectors From Experts from the industry

-         Chambers & Association’s

-         Technology Providers

-         Service Providers

-         Media 




-         Industry will be present to provide detailed information on their sectors

-         Government departments necessary to provide assistance and incentives for investors

-         Technology Provider 


Seminars & Workshops


-         Where to invest?

-         how to invest?

-         Lucrativeness of different Industries

-         GAP Analysis, where new investment is needed.

-         Rules and regulations


B2B Meetings


-         Relevant Industry players

-         Academia

-         Feasibility reports